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Question Color Vision Restrictions at the Airlines

Here's my scenario:

I would be taking a 1st class OCVT (Operational Color Vision Test) and MFT (Medical Flight Test) this coming spring with the FAA to renew my 1st class medical and continue my pursuit of airline flying (I'm a 22 year old 530hr CFII who only needs the 1000 hours). The 1st class color vision test contains several parts, as I've hinted at.

1) The local FSDO (IND, in my case) takes you out to the local airport with a tower, and has the tower shine the light gun at you, randomly changing the colors. Your job is to correctly identify the color shown.

2) There is a brief session of identifying colors on sectional charts.

3) MFT - the medical flight test requires you to differentiate and identify various colors both inside and outside of the airplane while in flight.

Worst case scenario, if you do not pass the light gun test during daylight hours, you can take it again at night. I know I could pass it at night. I'm 99.9% sure I can pass it during the daytime, too; as I have done a light gun test before, for my 3rd class about 4 years ago.

If I don't pass it during the daytime, but do at night, I would have a restriction on my medical reading "NOT VALID FOR FLIGHT DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS UNDER LIGHT GUN SIGNAL CONTROL" or something to that effect.

Here's the actual question: Would this be disqualifying to a regional airline such as Republic, Compass, SkyWest, ExpressJet, etc? This could obviously be an employer-specific question but a friend recommended I try this forum as well. Thanks for any and all help.

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