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Originally Posted by Qotsaautopilot View Post
Not sure what you think they plan on doing with the NEOs. Those things will fly 8hrs straight.

It's fine if you want to try and bid around that kind of flying but let's not shoot for a CBA like we are some little florida airline doing Orlando turns. What the company chooses as their business model, route structure, or fleet plan is out of our control but we need a contract that foresees the possible future even if it doesn't come to fruition.
THats what I'm sayin'. I may not prefer the long international flights, but if we're going to be packing in the pax on our 321s that other airlines pack in on their 757s, we need to have pay rates that reflect that. Pay rates that reflect the fact that we are a mature, very profitable and growing airline. I'm no fool to think we're going to be rolling in American pay rates, but we better be awfully close.
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