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Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
I read it as those $40/$80 are scheduled expenses. In other words, not from deviation bank. Somewhat like the baggage charge. But, my plain reading of the contract has been wrong before.

The, at gate, or at check in upgrade payment of $500 when you're deviating. I've done that without issue from my deviation bank.
Thanks Raptor.

I hope you are right. That's why I asked about the non deviator. Is it only available out of the bank? Or is it separate from bank. Or is it a freebie for a non deviator but comes out of the bank of a deviator. If it's scheduled it shouldn't be bank dependent.

I've also upgraded at the gate successfully or online. I doubt they'd use this new language or limit to diminish that practice. But we've all read things differently than arbitrators. And the language lacks precision and enough examples to clarify the ambiguity.
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