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Originally Posted by Big E 757 View Post
I haven't read his letter, but I have to say, I agree with his angle.

We've been complaining, myself too, about the new policy in the rejected TA, and most have said, "You can't penalize us all for the actions of a few! Go after the abusers but leave the rest of us alone."

That's what he says he wants to do. I'd love to have 300 hours of sick every year if I needed it, but some would use every hour whether they needed it or not. Not many, but a few would.

I'm not saying that qualifies him to represent us, but many on here have said if they have issues with the abusers to go after them and leave the rest of us alone and trust us to know when we are fit to fly and when we aren't.
You need to read his letter because he says just the opposite of that.
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