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Default Age old problem -Hrs needed to get hired

Hi all, new to the site. I'm looking for advice on advancing/changing pilot careers and thought this looks like a good place to start.

I am a 1500 hour GA pilot. Flew mostly in the midwest, avoiding the "big airspace" just enjoying flying SEL planes... about 15 different models, even built 2 planes, owned several, bla bla... fast forward...

I now find myself with 4+ middle east deployments, over 2100 hrs direct combat tier 1 and 2 UAS PIC time, all instrument time. Every condition you can imagine.

I'm seriously wanting to move into the manned ISR field, which now requires the King Air 300/350 type rating. I'm willing to pay for the rating, no problem, but most require the 2-500 min time-in-type.

I know most pilots build hours through CFI work, but if you dont have the min hours to get hired, how do you magically acquire the 2-500 hrs ?

I'm sure almost no one will pay for those hours... At least not in my world!

Thanks for any assistance and advice.
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