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Originally Posted by acebaxter View Post
Any pilot that bases a career decision on a message board amazes me.

Captain year one pay $92/hr, 60 hour guarantee/28 day period. First Officers $57/hr.
Medical, dental, 401k with 50% match to 8%, paid time off.
Lower 48 schedule 18/12 and home based. Tickets to and from work on the first and last day of your 18 days of work. Per diem $1.85/hr starts and ends at your house. Minimum 10.5 hours free of duty every day. Accomodations provided while you are at work.

Alaska based crews bid a schedule and are in their own bed every night. If the aircraft is broken write it up, no harm no foul.

Training for the turbojets is a minimum of 8 simulator sessions in a level C or D simulator. No such equipment exists for the DC-6 so that training is completed in the aircraft.

Never furloughed. Never a late paycheck. Got a problem? Walk into the owners office and hash it out.

Yes, it can be hard work but you can sure do worse out there. I hope you are as well off where you are.

100% true. Add to that, the people at Everts are some of the nicest, most straight forward folks in aviation. Some of the "best" jobs in flying can't match the crews, mechanics and staff you'll work with at Everts.
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