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I've lived in the Seattle area most of my life...

- Great climate. Sure, it rains... but it's a nice temperate climate on average.
- Many opportunities for activities. If you and your family like doing anything outside, there are awesome spots around to do just about anything you like.
- Economic strength. If anyone else in your family needs a job, they'll likely be able to find something good. My wife started looking for a job recently, and she quickly had more interview offers than she had time to attend.
- Good fresh seafood. I lived in Arizona for a bit, and I missed this quite badly.
- Awesome scenery.
- Beer! Breweries! Great beer!
- Music from here is better than music from the rest of the country. So there.

- Cost of living is above average.
- Traffic.
- If you want a decent deal on a house that isn't in a crowded urban setting, you'll have to go a ways out of town. Which means you'll have to endure...
- Traffic. It's really quite atrocious.
- Do hipsters bug you? Would living on a liberal arts college campus and driving a Volvo while listening to NPR bother you?
- At some point a giant earthquake/volcano will put this region back into the Stone Age.
- Traffic. Seriously.

The sports teams will either continuously lose or lose and then leave town.

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