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Originally Posted by MarineFly View Post
So I'm getting smarter on this but it still seems a bit mysterious. Can someone use the Post 9-11 GI Bill to get an ATP?

So far I understand you have to be going through a degree granting institution. This means you are either getting a degree and that program has flying in it, or you are getting a degree in something else and while there you do University approved flying.

But to get an ATP you need more hours than just the mins for MEL, et cetera. So, is there a way to get those hours paid for by GI Bill? Can you get the written class paid for, and the MEL et cetera, all thew ay to ATP checkride paid for by GIBill if you are at a degree institution?

Havent found this anywhere...
The short answer, yes. But you're not going to get 1,500 hours paid for if that's what you're asking. The Post 9/11 will pay all flight related costs at an actual college. There are lots of collegiate aviation programs that can be found through Google. Generally, they give you an AS or BS in conjunction with PPL through CFI.

On the other hand, you can use your GI Bill ad hoc at a Part 141 school for $12k per year up to 3 years for any rating Instrument or above. This includes the ATP if you are already up for that. A lot of guys seem to do the ATP ride in conjunction with a type rating if the GI Bill is paying. There is also a way to apply to be reimbursed for the costs of the flight test with the examiner.

There is actually quite a bit written on this forum about the GI Bill, which can be easily found with the search function. Happy trails.
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