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it is not very easy but what you can do is since you have a ways to go to get the hours for your COMM you can do maybe 1/2 of that from the right seat because basically all of your CFI ride is being able to duplicate your commercial ride from the right seat to commercial standards all while instructing.

Since you have to learn the maneuvers anyway you might as well learn them from the right seat...hell, if you feel so inclined take your comm checkride from the right seat, the examiner doesnt care where you sit and it will just be more practice. The CFI ticket is not about the flying, it is about the 100+ hours of cramming and studying you will do.

I took my CMEL and CSEL add-on at 250.1 hours so there is no reason you cant as well.

Do not waste your time building on a tailwheel endorsement if you are trying to get to CFI in a hurry. Take every hour you can get and learn those manuevers inside and out from both seats so when you hit the 250 you knock the checkride out of the park. The tailwheel endorsement is less than 10 hours and will be the most fun you will have in a plane, but it can wait.
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