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Originally Posted by ShyGuy View Post
For today the DL gate agents for closing the door 20 early. I ran after a flight and got there 15 prior and it was "too late." No weather issues, no GDP, no plane waiting for the gate, no viable issue to close 20 prior? It's one thing if the plane does indeed push back 15 early. But a little confusing to understand how the jetbridge can be hooked up to the airplane and no one going anywhere, and they are standing there and then the official out time is 7 prior. Listing a pilot and walking down the jetbridge wouldn't take that long, maybe a couple minutes at most. If they accepted to list/take me, they would have still pushed back 7 early. It's only a little frustrating because in the past I had a DL jumpseat and literally at the 15 minute mark a DL guy showed up and I lost the JS. No complaints there, I get that's JS priority allowed up to 15 prior for a DL guy.

I'm in the industry and know how it works. But this was a first for a 20 prior denial at 15. Oh well, better luck next time.


You MIGHT be a bit confused on the DAL J/S policy. The 15 minutes prior to scheduled or delayed departure time will hold a J/S reservation for a DAL pilot. If another DAL pilot is standing by for the J/S and the reso pilot is late, the standby should get the seat. (I watch the clock like a hawk, and have asked the agent what time they have, just to be sure I get the seat, as the standby.)

If there's an OAL pilot waiting and checked in with the agent, a DAL pilot can get the J/S, even without a reservation and within 15 minutes, IF accommodating the DAL pilot doesn't delay departure. (I'd paste the text from our FOM, but that's frowned on by DAL.)

As for closing out early, I'd make note of the agent's name, date, flight, etc... and report it to my CPO, (DAL), especially if it cost me a hotel stay!

Good Luck to all on commuting!

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