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Originally Posted by Timbo View Post
Why buy the Cow (wide body aircraft) when you can get the milk (ticket sales on other airlines) for free?

Richard wants Delta to be the world's largest travel agency.

When I got hired in 2000, Leo Mullin wanted to recession proof Delta Air Lines. While UAL and AMR were buying 777's, we stopped taking delivery at 8.

I was kind of ok with it if it meant we wouldn't get hit as hard during a down turn but then when it did happen, we were bleeding money almost as fast as Everyone else.

Now, it has been said that we make 75% on every ticket we sell on a code share flight with almost 0% risk. If a catastrophic event causes passengers to stay home tomorrow or next week, we aren't in as much danger as we otherwise would be. That is a good thing in a way. I'd rather be doing the flying, but slightly more important than that, I'd love to have a job to continue earning a living.

I don't know what the right answer is. As a pilot, I want a huge fleet of 777's and A350's. As a stake holder (employee and profit sharing recipient), I'm ok with a huge network without the huge risk.

I know VA was kind of a mess when we bought our stake. Once they deploy their aircraft more effectively, maybe we will buy more heavies.

If I knew our jobs were more secure than our counterparts, I'd be ok with the current situation, but the reality is, if the downturn is significant, we will still be furloughing right alongside the others. Maybe just not as much.

I don't know where i was going with this comment. I guess, since I didn't win the powerball last night, I woke up needing to keep my job. ☹️

I actually didn't want to win $1.5 Billion. I think the headaches wouldn't be worth it. I just need 10-15 Million and I can afford to live comfortably and own a CJ4 to fly to Ft. Myers on weekends.

Anyone have $10 Million they don't need? Timbo? Scambo? I'll give you a ride in my CJ.
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