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There will be no more regional mergers. The "Pinacolaba" fiasco and the mess that Skywest/ASA/Expressjet are have shown (along with the shut down of Comair) that is is FAR more cost effective to close shop, transfer aircraft and rehire furloughees to the bottom of the list.

You've already seen it the past year or so with transfers of 145's and 700's from one carrier to the next, both amongst privately held and wholly owned subsidiaries.

There won't be mergers. Just shrinking and shut downs. Mergers are a pipe dream of pilots.
A few very well may become defunct, but uninterrupted market share is crucial and thus more "seamless" transitions are more likely for most. As long as the execs and shareholders are taken care of, pilots can be batted around like a cat playing with a toy, especially regional pilots. Regional "merger-mania" similar to the past major airline sector has likely not yet occurred.

One thing is certain and that is ALPA national will bend over backward to facilitate whatever consolidation occurs among the regional pilots they represent.
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