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Sad, the whole thing is really sad.

Is there really not one dissenting opinion on the MEC outside of Subic?

Are there no independent thinkers?

...someone who isn't drinking the Kool-aide?

..someone without blinders on?

...someone that isn't using divide & conquer, doom & gloom or brinksmanship tactics to scare up the "Yes" vote?

...someone that can approach the company and say "Sorry, we've took a second look, a hard look, rethought this whole thing and it's inadequate---but hey, we can sit down and work something out that works for the Union and the company. We need to tighten up the language in a few places, and there are areas where we'll need some improved QOL compensation, but we all know the kind of profits the company is currently making and will make when these FDAs open. We're really not going to accept this as our "base std" and negogiate this up in 2 yrs. Let's sit down calmly and work this out now."

I really wonder what we could do together, united, if we were led by an MEC that wasn't so defensive, but rather stopped for a momemt and listened, truly listened, and then realized they can stand up to mgt and get a better LOA now.

The complicity they seem to have with management is truly amazing.
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