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Originally Posted by MaxKts View Post
STVs. All the talk about STVs pertained to opening Paris (not HKG) because CDG is being opened up with new airplanes. 757s delivered at the same time pilots are going thru training. In the event of bust, etc, then FDX could STV. Bob came up with the idea Ė hotel, per diem, families, thinks itís a great idea. As far as inverse seniority, Bob doesnít think itís going to happen. Bob feels FDX is not going to take a new hire and send them over; the likelihood of an STV for HKG or CDG is not going to happen. If it does it will go senior (editorís note: a side letter was approved 25jul07 limiting STVs to 1 bid period).
Let me get this straight...

BC assumed this would be a great idea and go senior?

Therefore, possible thought process of 'let's hook up the senior guys who want/can afford a one month trip in Paris. Give them a hotel, per diem, and fly that special someone over on the company's dime'.

If it turns out to actually be a horrible deal then the senior guys would be protected by invol junior manning.

Got it. Thanks.

And no, there are no black helos over the house...just questioning motivation.
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