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Originally Posted by Synergy
Im 20 years old finishing up my first year in college for a career that has been un decided. Recently the idea of pursuing a career in aviation has been strongly pounding my thoughts and I would like to get some suggestions on the best way to go about starting with the goal of flying with the majors. I live in F.L and would like to know any resources, schools, programs, and any additional things that you could suggest to me to start researching and looking into. I dont want to take the military path and am willing to grind the hours any other way. So please let me know in your opinion what would be the wisest way to go about starting with knowing little to nothing about where to begin.

To someone who is in college and trying to decide between Business School and Engineering Aviation can seem like more fun and it is. However, The odds of getting a good job doing it after college is very slim. The other paths might seem like a lot of work, and they are, but you get what you pay for. I would stay away from aviation if this is a casual interest.

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