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Our current delivery schedule through 2022 gives us 90ish more AB. That makes 1500+ more pilots. We will hire more than that due to bottom churn and hopefully a contract that requires more bodies. unless there's another order for planes that's when the music stops. I don't think we even hit 100 ret. a year until 2030? Huge group of 30-50 somethings. We've got CAs under 35. 3200~~ guys on right now. IMO if you're hired today, there's a chance you get to the left seat in 5 years @ 60-65%. Anyone hired after this year, there's no telling how long to see the left seat.

Like the seeking blue said, come here because you wanna come here bases or whatever. Don't come here thinking your'e gonna hit 4 stripes fast.

to the question above, I think the window is closing quickly, and you certainly missed the wave.
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