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Came on here to look for interview info? Nothing is current such as format or any gouge for that matter.

Actually the more Ive researched ATI it seems they furlough and hire in the same years. In the last 10 they've furloughed like 7 or 8 years. Thats kinda scary. I have expat time and US/ICAO certs and can't seem to land any interest with US airlines.

Plus after reading some other post on here I think I may just pass them and try ABX. Holy cow they have some issues there that I dont think will be overcome any time soon. Looking at ABX though and have the same problem, no recent gouge. Not to mention pay difference btw!

Is ABX a good choice? Probably better of the two but seems to me you have another airline at the same company with a much lower payscale. Seems like that the cheaper one may hang on longer but they seem to hire and furlough the most. Abx doesn't seem to have the inner war going on and may offer a better work environment.
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