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Climate alarmists are just that, alarmist. Otherwise they would have answers to the following statements.

CO2 does not cause climate change. Increases in temperatures occur before increases in CO2.

Fifteen or so global warmings occurred before humans were on earth. These warmings were so large that it makes the current supposed human caused 0.8C warming insignificant, very insignificant. More so, during the so-cause human caused warming period, the earth cooled for several decades thus proving that CO2 is not causal.

Do I believe humans cause warming? Sure. Every light bulb, electronic device, motor, kitchen, ... the list goes on and on .... causes heat that wouldn't otherwise be there.

The problem? A warming of the earth isn't going to kill humans. In fact, a warming of the earth causes massive plant and animal diversity.

We're going to be just fine.
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