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Default turboprop pic or jet pic?

I am currently an FO in a 121 company flying a light turboprop( 16000 lbs).
I have been told by my chief pilot that I would upgrade around the summer.
On the other hand, I have an interview opportunity with Air wisconsin (whenever they decide to interview again), had my resume walked in at Chautauqua and should get an interview with ASA( just sent back my application packet a week ago).
A lot of people have told me to get the PIC time and a lot of people have told me to get Jet/glass time. I understand that 1000 hr turbine PIC 121 is necessary to apply to the bigger jobs ( to apply but not necessary to get selected) but there is plenty of 121 Jet captains out there and I believe that I might have to built more than 1000 hr to be competitive. I don't think i want to stay in my company until I get 2-3-4000 hr to be competitive.(poor pay, no beneifts)
One guy told me that Its also important to find a company where its ok to wait for a dream job.( air wisconsin?)
I personnaly think I should go to air wisconsin. the second year ill be making more than what i make as a pic in my company. Additionnaly I wouldn;t mind doing a career with air wisconsin.
If i stay, ill built the necessary 121 turbine pic time for a job with a major.
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