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Go to the web sites for the majors that are currently hiring. If you have a dream company, focus on their requirements.

Some majors still hire guys with 1000 hours turboprop PIC (SWA). Some want the time in aircraft > 20,000# (1900 no; Saab, Dash-8 yes)

Others have gone to 1000 hours turbojet (ie RJ), but not necessarily PIC.

To be competetive really does require the PIC, so my recomendation would be get the turbine pic now, THEN go to a good regional where you can be comfortable and happy while you get your RJ time. You won't be in a hurry to upgrade cuz you already have the PIC. I think a mix or turboprop PIC and RJ SIC would be way better than thousands of hours of prop PIC.

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