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Originally Posted by Flyby1206 View Post
Late May-Early June timeframe for announcement from DOT regarding Cuba. We will be awarded everything we applied for that wasn't Havana since there weren't enough other applicants to deny anyone on those routes.

B6 application was:

New York (Kennedy) – Havana (2 daily frequencies)
Fort Lauderdale – Havana (4 daily frequencies)
Fort Lauderdale – Camagüey (1 daily frequency)
Fort Lauderdale – Holguiìn (1 daily frequency)
Fort Lauderdale – Santa Clara (1 daily frequency)
Orlando – Havana (2 daily frequencies)
Tampa – Havana (2 daily frequencies)
Newark – Havana (1 daily frequency)
Boston – Havana (1 daily frequency)
Assuming we get maybe 6 of the requested HAV slots, plus the others, that a lot of lift needed overnight. Plus pilots to fly the flights (something tells me Cuba trips won't go to reserves much).

Why not take on more 190s? I think the 190 makes us more flexible than the competition. Sometimes you don't need a A320 with 180 seats from MYR to PBG like the competition uses (NKS--and you know that plane is empty). I'll take a WAG and say it costs us less to operate a 190 with 90 seats filled than a 320 with 90 seats filled. So why not? Sure dispatch reliability isn't awesome, but neither is that of the 380, or even the 788....yet.
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