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Agreed. Get the PIC time!

I know I sound like a broken record with this but Colgan captains with 1500 - 3000 turbine (turboprop) PIC are having no more problems than any other candidates with the same RJ PIC time in finding opportunities at the next level. There maybe an airline or two out there that favor jet time (Frontier???), but 28% of our captains have left in the last eight months (based on my senority number change, and that doesn't include several street captains behind me), several with '03 hire dates. I know of none who have left for the right seat of an RJ. That said, I'm about to get to put my money where my mouth is because I just slid over the 1000 PIC hour mark and am starting the "app" process in earnest! I hope I'm not deluding myself...

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