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Originally Posted by rickair7777
For whatever reason, people who come from a turboprop 121 background seem to have a horrible pass rate in RJ training. Folks who come from a 172 seem to actually do better, even low timers (ow! bite my tongue! I can't believe I just said that ). I have no idea why this is.
Rick - can you take a stab at whether you think they had PIC experience (capt's) or were FO's that wanted to move to a jet?

We do get a number of FO's at Colgan that stay for a few months and then get hired at an RJ carrier. The ones that are under 22 I can't blame - they might as well go and sit in a jet until they can upgrade - second year pay is better. But I try to talk the older ones out of it because turbine PIC time is so important and our upgrades have been fairly quick. I hope I'm not doing them a disservice.

That said we've also had a few "marginal" guys (for lack of a better term) that I think get nervous with the short upgrade times here and they jump ship...only to run square into their piloting weakness at the next stop. I can think of two that went ExpressJet. One I know didn't make it (he wanted me to recommend him back into Colgan) and I sure hope the other has found another career.
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