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Originally Posted by PilotJ3 View Post
It was like this last summer. It should come back to normal in August-September.

It's AAGs fault, PSA and PDT are having the same difficulties.

That's not true. I have bid packs from last summer from a couple bases. Lines had better commutability, better cadence, fewer lost days. The line values were all over the place, some were high, many were at or near guarantee. They weren't as "good" as the spring of 2015, though. They didn't start really falling apart until after August. That's when the trend started for commutability to take a dump, lost days became regular, average days off lowered and values were below guarantee.

There are three times when our lines historically become difficult - the Spring and Fall schedule changes and the Summer extra flying that stresses staffing. IMO at each of these change points for many years now the schedules have gotten worse and not improved. Cumulative degradation. I say "good" regarding 2015, that "good" was still worse than the years preceding it.
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