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Originally Posted by PilotJ3 View Post
Damn...why do you keep those Bid Packs???

Every year is the same story June and July comes and people "this is the worst I've seen ever".
Pretty impressive that happens. Just when you think they could not get worse they manage to find a way to out do the garbage lines year after year.

But I guess all these pilots making these comments are part of some larger conspiracy. Seems plausible to me I suppose. All these pilots got together and decided to make this garbage up to torpedo their airline. In doing so they keep new hires from going there only to see their own QOL suffer as a result. They risk their own flow by keeping new hires from making the mistake of going to Envoy.

Seems to me it would be smarter for all the Envoy pilots to simply make garbage up about how great it is so they can get bodies in the door behind them. The fact that you don't see that speaks volumes to me. These pilots are so beaten down they simply don't care anymore. My guess, it is most likely worse at the Voy than what you read here. As it is now, it goes against an Envoy pilots own best interest in reporting the truth.
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