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It would not have been impossible to limit the company in how many single days off the company can make a pilot take. We get that the company says it needs that flexibility to run the company. Fine. But LIMIT how much of it they can do that per person, per month. The bottom line is to give people more block days off requires more pilots. Just about every pilot I've talked to would take a slight cut in the pay to have more pilots to staff per seat to allow more days off. To me it looks like the contract feigns that they care and want to give you 6 block days off, but then they take it back by putting in there that during peak travel they are going to screw you anyways by taking away a minimum day off from you. Come on, man! The Union signed off on that! :-/

The company and the Union are gambling that the single day issue will not be a show stopper. It just might be. The vote will dictate if they were right or not.
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