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Originally Posted by GordoCooper View Post
If we were to hold out and limit single days off to 2-3(max) per month, or 24 per year, or ?? then this would not be an issue for so many pilots. If the single day off issue was taken care of, my vote may change. If not....then no for me. I think this is one item (as is scope) that we can not accept for the next 10 possible years.

You've been here a while (I think) and you've probably seen how LAS works. People that pass through LAS on Saturdays think the airline has shut down. There are no flights, yet Fridays and Sundays are the busiest days of the week. With no flights on Saturdays, how do you limit single days off to 2-3? You can't. You have to have language for at least 5 a month. The only way to get around this is to send all the airplanes out of Vegas on Friday night, fly outside turns on Saturday, then fly back to Vegas on Sunday morning. You get to spend a nice 3-day every weekend in North Bumfuq, Idaho but hey, you don't have to do single days off. There's only so many flights to work with, which do you want - single days off or 3 day trips every weekend?
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