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Originally Posted by RockyMntAV8R View Post
And I would also like to offer a big thank you to all who voted for the concessions over the years and especially LOA 67, that's now the crap starting point where we are negotiating from. But if it makes you feel better give yourself a big ol' pat on the back, tell yourself you are responsible for saving the company and at least we have Denver! 
Way to demonstrate unity.

Educate yourself about what it means to work in this industry, and what the Frontier pilots did to keep the lights on in order to have this fight, and providing you with the job you have. Try to sound like you have a clue, and less like you're entitled to something bought with other pilots' money.

Did you see what happened to the UAL contract after the tech bubble burst and 9/11 happened? Their contract was rejected in bankruptcy under 1113, their A fund went away, their work rules went to FARs and our 319 pay was higher than their 757/76 pay.

This industry has a cycle and airllnes have a lifespan. We are arguably better off than United was after their bankruptcy 13 years ago, but have a LONG way to go before we get to a decent contract again. And it was decent by 2006 (Frontier having lost money for 6 years running) standards.

Maybe we should have gone out of business a long time ago, but we didn't because of the sacrifices of the pilots who came before you. You think we WANTED to work for less? We went through a bankruptcy we probably shouldn't have survived. Who was hiring in 2008/9?

Next time you see one of those pilots who voted for those concessions just say thank you, and ask how you can help make this a better place instead of throwing rocks from the sidelines - helping management divide us.
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