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I should add a point or two.

We're now merged with GAL (parent of ATA). What this truely means is anyone's guess.

The company announced the replacements for the three UPS MD-11 that are going back at the end of the year. 2-3 B747 pax to cargo conversions and 2-3 DC-10 pax birds (ex NWA that were going to go to ATA but the mlitary won't let them fly them for a year). Bidding for the B747 has been announced and training slated to start in December.

The bottom of the senority list is gone. Retirements, guys going to UPS, and a few leaving for the majors have left us short. We are eating the shortage on the MD-11 till the UPS planes leave. I would guess that the new hires would be going to the -10 as FO. We have a long line of over 60 guys to fill the FE positions.
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