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Originally Posted by dckozak View Post
This fact is yet another example of a nugget that (we) thought this contract fixed, but in truth, just papered over our legitimate issues, regarding DH fares with yet another bogus number.
Shack! Between this, cutting our remaining travel bank in half before carrying it to the next month, crediting us with about 30-40 cents on the dollar for cancelled hotel rooms and absolutely nothing for all the GT $ we save them every month, it's pretty clear the company had no desire to halt the gravy train we've been offering up year after year via our deviations.

One thing the early deviators haven't mentioned is the trip-trade restriction for international DHs (including HI and AK). If you've got the trip you know you want to fly then it doesn't matter. Otherwise, you lock yourself into that trip once it's less than 14 days from show time. That's no trip trades, drops or pdo bumps. I realize it used to be immediate in the old contract, so this is an improvement.

Personally, I've been burned by the trip trade restriction more than once. As a daily open time checker when it suits me, I've said my "never agains". I haven't seen a significant difference between the established and baseline fares since it started. Personally, a few bucks one way or the other isn't worth losing the ability to improve my overall lot in life with a lucky X-pairing grab or being able to say yes to a PDO bump or swap. Maybe I'll eventually see something in the fares that make me change my mind. Until then, I'll be deviating 60 hours prior to the DH and keep my options open as long as possible.
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