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McDonnell Douglas

I think the best flying jet aircraft of all time would have to be between the DC-9-10 series and the 727. I haven't flown the 757, but everyone who has raves about it. I thought the 737 was pretty sloppy , but my experience is limited to -300 and 400s. The MD-80 was nice, but you had to be pretty experienced in it to really fly it well. The 777 isn't really great to fly from a hand flying standpoint nor would any of the fly-by-wire Airbii as it is all artificial feel. Personally I prefer the real thing and nothing can ever beat cable and pulleys for pure feel.

If you are talking about technology than the 777 is the hands down winner. The Honeywell Pegasus FMS and electronic checklist plus very user friendly design make it dead simple to fly. If you want to get into design philosophy arguments than Boeing is, again, the hands down winner. Modern Boeings will warn you when you are going to exceed a limit, but if you still want to exceed it you are able to.

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