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Default Possible to roam as a NH?

I'm starting indoc soon and looking for some suggestions on living arrangements. My family and I are roaming around the US in our RV, taking advantage of the gateway benefit offered by my current company. I'm fairly certain we'll park the RV close to training for indoc, but once that's complete it seems like I have some options:

1) Stay with the family in MEM. Only 1 "house" payment but hard to study, late night sims, etc (not my first choice)
2) Keep the family in MEM but move into a crash pad to make studying and odd schedules easier
3) Park the family somewhere else they'd like to visit while I stay at a crash pad

Once training is complete, is it feasible to continue traveling around the US and commuting to work, or should we prepare ourselves to get a house sooner rather than later? I'd love to hear your experience if you did something similar while working at FedEx. Thanks!
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