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I know a couple Capts that roamed shortly before retirement but I would remind you that as a NH, you need to show up that first yr while you're on probation with your Superman cape on. Your plans for indoc and initial training are good but .... not catching a jumpseat, missing a scheduled DH, or having car trouble on your commute from BFE once you are on the line will probably not get you a pink slip unless it happens repeatedly but it will put you under a spotlight.

Also, your home of record (so-to-speak) or official address that you'll establish while you're at indoc is what the company will use for staging purposes (to jumpseat on the company) and the address they will use for tax purposes, mail your pay stub, etc... To my knowledge, you can change all of that monthly thru VIPS....


About a month ago we got a huge missive about taxes and expense report filings because guys/gals are misunderstanding (my word) the IRS rules and how FedEx interprets them and reports your State of record to collect your state's taxes. Additionally, you are afforded priority on the company jumpseats when you use an airport w/i 100nm of your official address. Outside of that radius you would be only on 'personal' status for jumpseating (at a much lower priority) and could get bumped from the jumpseat and be yo-yo for getting to MEM.
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