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Originally Posted by RockyTopFlyer View Post
Sep 7th is also the word I got from an LCA.

Of course, I had a few LCA and flex instructors tell me during the CBA negotiatons, "The contract will be signed in a couple weeks." I heard that quote when we still had a year of negotiations to go. I don't believe anything here until it actually happens. Sometimes people "in the know" at FedEx really don't know much more than a line guy who is on extended military leave. We are like a sewing club when it comes to rumors. If nothing else, it is very entertaining.

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Assuming both LCA's are on the same jet, I'm betting they were briefed that date in a meeting.

45 days until closing, correct? That would make it closing about the Oct 22,23 time frame.

How does that compare to the earliest possible date of our esteemed legislatures passing (and the Pres. signing) the age 65 law? Daniel?
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