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I would stay away from Altitude pads in the best western on Hawthorne. Bad area, shuttle took on avg 45 min each way, no common area to drop your stuff when you get in at an odd hour, and you are never guaranteed a bed. Their contract is littered with little gotchas that were pretty infuriating. They lead you to believe that everyone always gets a bed and their system works great but only one of their plans guarantees a bed with 24 hrs notice. Guys are constantly fighting to reserve a bed every night and they wont find out until after 6 pm if they were successful. If you don't get a bed you are stuck paying $100 bucks out the door for a motel 6. They kept charging me for two extra months after my base transfer and they were contacting their "finance department" when the whole company is three people in Atlanta.

I heard the blocked in had transportation issues but you could take the bus outside the terminal to the rail depot and then uber/cab it for a few bucks. It has a common area and places to sit and relax while people are sleeping.
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