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Originally Posted by Tpauly View Post
Off topic question for current employees.

Used to be a flight attendant so had the packing down for 4 days at a time, but I imagine we're limited to what we can bring on the road since a pc-12 is considerably smaller then the jets I used to be on. My biggest concern is food/cooler. You guys use them? Is there a baggage limit for crew? (Can really only see rollerbag and cooler plus flight bag). That acceptable?

Just found great deal on nice cooler as mine is torn to shreds. Begin class in march! Looking forward to it!

Some folks bring a cooler, most don't. We are limited to a roller bag and personal/flight bag. It really depends on the size of the cooler compared to what you feel the need to put in your personal/flight bag.
My flight bag consists of my headset and documents - it will fit inside my roller bag should the need arise. When we airline, you need to be able to carry on all your luggage, so use that as a guide for what you can bring.
Should you bring a cooler? Maybe not a bad idea if it is soft sided/ collapsible. In general, if you are trying to save money on food, you can normally get to a grocery store on your overnights. Bringing food for 8 days is not realistic.

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