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Originally Posted by MaxMar View Post
1. Any more news internally about your new east coast routes?

2. Ideally I'd graduate and go to ground immediately thereafter, but I understand that's not how reality works. When would be the best time to submit a resume to minimize time spent waiting around early May?
I haven't heard anything about east coast routes - I'll let you know if I do. As for applying, may as well start throwing your resume in now but make it clear on your cover letter that you don't expect to be available until May. They may just jump through the hiring hoops with you and stick you on the back burner for a class then, who knows.

Originally Posted by LiuPilot View Post
How's the ATL base looking in terms of hiring?
Haven't heard of anyone going to ATL in the last few classes, so guessing they're good there until one of the current pilots leaves/upgrades or they expand.
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