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Congratulations! So it does appear that 3 months is the average for processing a special issuance.
Unless you have a condition that they are just not able to issue under SI, the FAA is pretty good about getting you back flying.
The reason many don't get it is because they don't provide the FAA what is requested (or not per the FAA protocol).
For some conditions the FAA required tests can cost thousands of dollars which are out of pocket or may seem unreasonable (there are some tests that are very invasive) which is why many people just give up. But the FAA has their own justification for such tests and they will not budge.
The FAA sends a protocol letter to follow with each SI. Get the tests ahead of the deadlines and send them in so that your SI does not lapse.
As far as costs, if insurance does not pay, consider a medical vacation overseas and have them done elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.
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