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Default Please answer some questions about Dynamic ??

Hello..................can someone please answer a series of questions about Dynamic Aviation ISR flying please !!

I am scheduled for a prelim. phone interview with Dynamic Aviation in Virginia soon and I need some questions answered, please !!!!

A friend is pushing real hard to get me on there as I meet all there requirements, so here goes - - - - please reply !!

What type/model of King Airs are flown; former US Army square window, unpressurized surplus U8's ??? 200's, 350's, how about the DHC-8's ??? - how is maintenance; good, bad, subpar ?? pressurized and air conditioning - do the autopilots work ?? aircraft have steam gauges panels or a EFIS set-ups, Garmin or Collins or Proline 21 FMS/Nav set-up, is all flying single pilot or PIC/SIC set up.

Where is training done - - CAE-FSI, or inhouse ??

How often do you fly; 2-3-4 days on and a day off, etc, what is the average trip length ??

How do you get to/from your FOL - Forward Operating location ???, USMIL
C-130/C-17 or commercial airliner ??, or Ubanji Airways DC-3 !!!!!

Your FOL area - - clean, healthy food, water, ?? billeting - tents in the desert or on a US base, hot-cold showers, flushing bathrooms, washing machines/dryers available - clean linens, etc. ??, is internet/Skype available to talk to family ?? email available for a online college course ???, a PX for sundry purchases, how is US mail done ??

How is pay done - - direct deposit ?? when does pay begin and end ??, is there a monthly or trip pay guarantee, ?? is there a daily perdiem ?? is overtime available or you have been extended for 10 additional days, or training pay available at a higher rate or bonus ?? if you fly at your FOL for 60 days and then go home, is there a minium pay when you are off ??
are company benefits still paid ??

I do know allot about ISR flying overseas; just no information on job conditions.

A lot of questions, but please reply - - - -please, with sugar on it !!!

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