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Originally Posted by aa73 View Post
If we had LOS for pay, I think those WB jobs would go very junior. Why would anyone beat the crap out of their body for the same pay as just flying easy domestic NB stuff?

Sure it's 9 on/21 off but ya gotta remember, the first couple of days off are spent just recuperating and getting back on your time zone sleep schedule.

I'm with ya, I tried intl for 4 years and it absolutely trashed me. Once I switched back to NB domestic I was never even remotely as tired as I was doing the Europe/SA stuff.

Intl should really should be done at a younger age. Once you hit your 40s you should ideally start ratcheting down the long haul flying to where you're only flying easy domestic turns your last few years prior to retirement.
I am just the opposite. Been flying mostly across the pond for the last 5 years. Did a couple 3 day Caribbean trips in December. I was absolutely exhausted flying 2 and 3 legs a day, most of it in and out of MIA. YOU CAN HAVE IT! I'll take 5 and 6 time zone 1 leg days, with a 2 hour snooze, any day.
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