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Originally Posted by jks621 View Post
Sorry if this is an obvious or dumb question. What are the chances of getting LAX or PHX currently for SIC? Looking at applying and have been reading as much as I can on Boutique and a few others.
PHX SIC is a possibility, we're about to be down to 3 of them soon. We're at ~60 hours/month now, so one less would make it hard to maintain ~12 days off a month like what they shoot for.

Originally Posted by jks621 View Post
Unfortunately you're right. I know someone mentioned that you could switch bases once you're hired, does anyone know how easy it is to move bases if hired? Denver taking most of the new hires?
Bids go out every quarter. Basically, if you want to go somewhere, there's a spot open, and nobody with higher seniority wants to go there too, you should get it. Bids never bump anyone out of a base once they're in it, they only allow you to move if a spot is available.
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