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Default NAI and outcomes

Hello everybody,

I recently read through a lot of the posts on NAI and I wanted to start a different discussion on the subject. I myself have been at a regional for a while and at first I saw NAI as an opportunity here in the U.S.; so have many other pilot's I've talked to and discussed about as well.

Now before ya'll start blowing steam I'd like to say I'm not directly taking a stance on being opposed or in favor of all that's going on. I just want to get a better understanding of certain topics and discuss it all without insulting each other.

I think this whole NAI thing is going to happen whether we like it or not, and instead of all of us just arguing and complaining about it on the internet we should look into finding ways for NAI or for our industry, if it opposes completely every pilot's vision on respectful airmen work, to change for a positive outcome rather than boycotting and blacklisting people who choose to work there.

In the end, I believe we're all in the same game and going against a group of pilots operating here, in our territory, just because we dislike their parent companies, is just unprofessional.

So, most of what I read has to do with everyone feeling NAI pilot's would be undercutting/throwing others under the bus here in the U.S. Why is that exactly?

Is it because NAI pilots would be working at an airline that pays them less compared to wages at UAL/AA/Delta for the same type of aircrafts being flown?

Is it because NAI isn't going to have union representation?

What says or determines that NAI won't ever have worker's representation here in the U.S. or that their salaries won't ever be comparable to those at mainline?

If NAI's rates for international or domestic flights competes and raises eyebrows with U.S. carriers, why is that so bad? why wouldn't U.S. carriers be able to compete and offer or make competitive decisions to uphold the changes in the industry?

This question, specifically taken from the thread about blacklisting NAI's future pilot's, why does everyone think it would be a good decision to blacklist an entire pilot's group? Is this really what we've become? Just because we don't agree with something or someone we blacklist them?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume NAI's U.S. based pilot's would be governed by all FAA regulations as well as DOT standards. Right? Wouldn't they have the same 117 rules applied to them? and wouldn't they also become CASS participants in the U.S.?

How is NAI "killing american jobs" if they're hiring U.S. citizens for U.S. based jobs?

Again, I'm just trying to take things from a neutral side. This NAI thing is gonna happen and they're going to have pilots working for them. I only see it as detrimental for aviation as a whole if pilot's are actively trying to shut down other pilots.
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