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Also it's not necessarily US citizens, it's US based crews.

No CASS and no 117. You would work for an EU airline that doesn't even visit its flag country.

It's not about NAI it's about what NAI represents. It could be the beginning of a massive techtonic shift in how airlines are run. It's purely a way to escape taxes, skirt regulatory oversight, and do whatever you want to labor. Why do you think everyone on a cruise ship works 16hrs s day 7 days a week? For them it comes out to about $1.50/hr and their happy to do it because in the third world they wouldn't have a job at all. Most of those cruise companies are American companies yet they flag their ships in the Bahamas or Panama or Malta. Ever wonder why they do that? And they laugh all the way to the bank.

Just wait until China's training pipeline gets sorted out and the worlds flag of convenience carriers start recruiting from there instead of here or Europe. This career will turn into being a subway operator and it will be because guys like you didn't get it!

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