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Originally Posted by Otterbox View Post
Do you have a job offer?

Everyone's situation is different. If you're not planning on working past 65, a legacy is a no brainer from a pure $ standpoint. But there are a lot more variables that are unique for each person.
Pure dollar standpoint? Absolutely not true. So many factors to consider. While all airlines publish their exact dollar amount, the amount of pay on reserve to line holder while factoring in quality of life can be quite large. Factor in several years to build up that dollar amount while being over age 50, ones time ends up being "potentially" short.

The corporate world is so varied in pay. Factor in stock options, restricted stock options and bonuses and you have a wide birth of opinions and answers.

I have done both the airlines and corporate in excess of ten years each. I had only one corporate job to use as a comparison. Other departments and the secrecy surrounding pay and benefits makes this a difficult subject to really define what is best. I also fit the over age 50 scenario being discussed. I have my own personal opinion on this but it only works with my specific life issues.

As you eluded to, if your going beyond age 65, that takes a completely different turn.
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