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Originally Posted by V1Rotate View Post
Funny, over 10 years into the career and a few years into my current regional airline I still like the job itself, but being on the road, commuting and my current situation involving an investigation into a mishandled equipment malfunction that doesn’t threaten my job but will probably end up in my PRIA record has me thinking of a career change.

I want to leave this country anyway, far-right nationalists and an insane, narcissistic clown as president are making a society that already had few redeeming qualities far-worse. Not sure where I’d go, maybe get an electrical engineering degree and start designing solar systems for a developing country? Not only is renewable energy what must pragmatically done to save the planet, it has virtually unlimited growth potential. Strong inclination to go from a job that involved dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere to one that helps solve our global problems. If I want to scratch the aviation itch I can always fly an ultralight or sailplane on my days off.

Then leave.... And please take Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep, and all the other snowflakes with you..... I hear Europe is quite the Utopia
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