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Endeavor Pilots:

With the announcement today of the opening of our new ATL CRJ-200 base, we felt it would be appropriate to detail the expected impact on our existing bases based on what we know currently.

CRJ-200 ATL Base / System Profile
Our growth in ATL (15-20 lines) is being supported primarily by the incremental growth in the CRJ-200 fleet. We are delivering 14 aircraft in 2017 with 11 being placed into schedule service by year end. Additional ATL flying will come from a planned reduction of 2-4 lines of CRJ-200 NYC flying. By the end of the year we anticipate 10 – 12 total lines in LGA / JFK versus 12 – 16 total lines today. We also expect the balance of our CRJ-200 flying in MSP and DTW will be comparable to the levels we have seen over the past several months, ~ 10 and 15 lines respectively.

CRJ-900 System Profile
Our CRJ-900 flying will continue to be concentrated in LGA / JFK with ~ 40 – 45 total lines. The balance will be distributed to MSP and DTW with ~ 10 lines each.
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