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Originally Posted by HighFlight View Post
I know you must know that you guys were losing your planes before the decision was made to send a few to EDV. And since you were not able to fly in ATL anymore, the flying had to go somewhere. DL made that decision, as did SKW Inc., not EDV nor us pilots. Again, I know you know that, and I understand you are probably just venting, and that's fine. I have friends at XJT, and would do just about anything for them I could, except cause my own family to suffer.

EDV pilots have no say in where we go, the same as you. You had no say in giving up your planes. And I can tell you that talking to guys on the line, NO ONE has ever expressed joy over taking your planes or your flying. At the end of the day, each of us cares most about our own individual lives and futures, but that does NOT mean there isn't compassion for those that end up losing. I'm certain you felt bad for the Comair guys when they got the shaft. And so do pilots in every company outside of XJT. But... what can any of us do about it?
No anger here thus no vent. I know it's not the pilots decision where aircraft end up. I've seen lots of aircraft come and go in my 16 years here. However, if the shoe were on the other foot, would you not feel as I do about someone speculating that they "may" receive the last of your fleet?
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