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Originally Posted by tcco94 View Post
You aren't ready to be an airline pilot at 250 hours.

The 1500 hour rule sucks when you're the one building time but once you're done you realize, yeah I wasn't ready. No way. Unless your ego is high and unrealistic.

Originally Posted by Pedro4President View Post
I think most would agree that 201.5+50 FTD is too little and 1500 is a bit excessive.

The negative with the 1500 is guys with time and DUIs, high fail rates, incidents and FAA violations are getting looked at and hired because of the lack of 1500 hr guys with a clean record and very little bust.
I don't think you'll see many airline pilots agree with you that 1500 is a bit excessive. Bean counters on the other hand, they absolutely would agree.
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