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I guess it can depend. But some airlines know that certain other airlines have unusually high check ride failures and don't even bother with it.

Case in point, my former employer had a huge pink rate on the CRJ. Well over 50%, and some classes maybe only one or two guys passed the first time around. Of course, there were the usual reasons. Guys not studying enough, guys having bad attitudes, just plain having a bad day in the sim, etc. However, the training department was notorious for making the CA ride overly difficult. You had to be Chuck freak'n Yeager/Neil Armstrong to get through it unscathed. Some of it had to do with the ego of the guys in the training department. Many guys started referring to it as the "pink badge of courage" if they transitioned into the CRJ. I know one guy that had a 7 hour ride, and yes, he passed. Examiner never bothered to combine maneuvers. You know, like when you do a V1 cut, to a single approach, to a single engine go around, it takes care of 3 maneuvers in a relatively short amount of time. But come on, 7 hours?

When these guys were interviewing at the majors in 2000-2001, it was never even an issue for some. In fact, I remember some guys saying it was never even brought up in the interview. Or, the interviewer commented that that they have seen a lot of applicants from that airline with pink slips, and left it at that.
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