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Originally Posted by Huck View Post
It ain't the training costs they want to save. It's the decreased retirement payments. EVEN IF you live to the same age (doubtful), you just saved FDX 5 years of triple-digit retirement checks, per pilot.

We can't ***** - our union asked for this.....

The Union "Our Union " didn't ask for the AGE 60 rule to change.

They asked that any active pilot on the seniority list be allowed to excercise seniority rights should the law change. That is what a Union does.

Whether you agree with it it or not is entirely up to you.

Most of those guys (not all) have been paying dues to ALPA , FPA and ALPA again. There are many 30 year ALPA tie pins on our S/Os. Most deserve the support of ALPA i.e us! There are a few DB's and freeloaders in that group, but we have plently younger guys on our list who are just as bad or worse in that category.

As far as guys working past 60, even if the law didn't change we would still have many folks electing to work past 60 as engineers for a multitude of reasons.

Some need to keep working to attempt to maximize longevity.
Some make more flying actively as a an S/O than they would retired.
Some just can't fathom sitting at home doing nothing.......not my cup of tea but it is a personal choice.
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